2019 yearly round up
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2019 Yearly Round-Up

Happy New Year! I hope 2020 is treating you all well so far. Before we get too far into January, I want to have a look back over my reading in 2019.

My 2019 Goals

I set myself three goals at the beginning of 2019. The first was my Goodreads challenge to read 80 books, which I just about managed, finishing on 82 after squeezing in a short story and novella in the final days of December. The second was to read the big books I’ve been putting off. I didn’t specify which books these were, though I know one was The Romanovs which I did read, and love. There aren’t any big books on my TBR that were added before 2019 so I think I achieved this one! Lastly, I wanted to read one non-fiction book a month. I didn’t read one every month but there were some months I read more than one, and I ended up reading a total of 22 over the year. I’d say that’s a pretty successful reading year!

Some stats

I started using Reader Voracious’s spreadsheet to track books and it has been so interesting to see different figures related to what I’m reading! Kal has produced an updated spreadsheet for 2020 which has a ton of features, particularly for tracking blog stats and planning content. I don’t use these features all that much so I’m going to stick to my adapted 2019 version and just update some of the formulas but I’d definitely recommend checking it out! Here’s some of the things that it shows:

What I Read

Non-fiction was technically my most popular genre, but that’s because fiction is broken down into so many subcategories. I tried to categorise books as best I could within those genres and I think this is a pretty good indicator of my reading tastes! I also focused on backlist titles more so than 2019 books or ARCs, with a big chunk of my ARCs being read at the beginning of the year. I had quite an even spread of ratings but average 3-star reads dominated! I think that’s partly my hesitancy to rate things lower than 3 if I didn’t actually dislike them. Really, a 2-star rating for me is ‘This was fine’, not ‘I didn’t like it’. Maybe this year I need to have a rethink about what my star ratings really mean!

How I’m Reading

You can definitely see my post-NEWTs Magical Readathon slump in September and October in these graphs! You can also see that I peaked during Magical Readathon months too. My average monthly page count was 1,890 and average book count was just under seven books a month.

From Goodreads

I’m not surprised that The Romanovs was my longest book, though I’m still surprised how much I enjoyed it. All the Light We Cannot See is another one I really loved from this year. Goodreads also pointed out that my average rating was 3.5 which is… so average. As I said early, I need to cool it with the default three star ratings.

I’m going to use these stats to come up with some 2020 reading goals and I’ll share those next week!

How did your reading go in 2019?

5 thoughts on “2019 Yearly Round-Up”

  1. Great post, bookish stats are so fun to look at! Congrats on hitting your goals, as well! It looks like you had a great year of reading- I hope 2020 will be excellent for you also! šŸ™‚

  2. I know that with letter grades in the US, a C means “you did okay.” I always think of book star readings like that too: 5 stars = A, 4 stars = B, etc. Therefore, 2 starts would indicate a D: “this is bad.” And an F (1 star) would suggest “you shouldn’t have even turned this in.”

      1. My students used to think a “C” was failing, because it seems that’s what high school has taught them, whereas “C” actually means you got by and demonstrated you understand the utter basics of the lessons.

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