2020 reading challenge tag

2020 Reading Challenge “Tag”

Technically, this isn’t a tag but a set of ‘ask’ prompts from Tumblr, created by janeandthehivequeen. I’ve been a little de-motivated to write reviews recently but I’ve been reading a lot and working on some reading challenges, so I thought these would be fun questions to answer!

1. What is your goal for the year?

My Goodreads goal is to read 80 books, the same as last year. I have some other reading goals and some book-specific wishes for the year too!

2. Have you given yourself any rules? (female authors only, more nonfiction, etc.)

I set myself a goal of 20 non-fiction books and more audiobooks, but otherwise, no.

3. What is your progress so far?

I’m ahead of schedule with my Goodreads challenge of 80 books, having read (at time of writing) 30. I’ve also read seven non-fiction books, so that’s going well. I’ve read some of the books I talked about in this post, but I still have many left to pick up.

4. What’s your favorite book read so far this year?

Maybe Me, Elton’s John’s autobiography. I listened to the audiobook, narrated by Taron Egerton, and it was just such a fun introduction to audiobooks for me. It’s a fantastic autobiography, Taron’s narration was a joy to listen to, and it encouraged me to listen to more audiobooks so it’s definitely made a lasting impact. I also really loved Foe too.

5. Are you participating in any specific challenge?

I’m doing odd readathons here and there. I find I’m much more motivated to read if I’m working towards ticking off a reading challenge prompt, so I’m almost finished with the ‘If You’ve Got It, Read It’ list from Spine Breakers on YouTube. Once I finish with that, I’ve created my own list of prompts which is just an amalgamation of my favourites from lots of other reading challenges and that will use up almost all of the books that I currently have on my TBR.

6. How do you keep track of what you’ve read?

I use a customised version of Reader Voracious’s Book Blogger / Reader Spreedsheet, plus my own personal spreadsheet for readathon, along with Goodreads and The Storygraph.

7. Is there something you’re really excited to read?

So many! I’m really looking forward to Sophie Mackintosh’s new book, Blue Ticket. I’m also hoping to finally get around to reading The Binding, and Ninth House.

8. Any plans to branch out and try a new genre or style?

I’d like to try different genres in audiobooks, because at the moment I’m playing it safe with autobiographies. I’m just not sure I’ll have the focus to follow a fiction book in audio form.

9. Has a book really let you down?

The Princess Saves Herself in this One. I didn’t like it at all, and was expecting it to be much better than it was.

10. Do reading challenges ever stress you out?

If they’re too rigid or too demanding, yes. I’ve got a sense for what works for me now so I do tend to enjoy them more nowadays.

11. Has social isolation helped you through your TBR or nah?

I had a week off of work in the beginning of April and that, coupled with the UK lockdown, meant I finished my Magical Readathon career prompts in the space of a week. Then at the end of the month I hit a bit of a slump, like I finished one book and had no motivation to pick up my next read, but once I got over that I was fine.

12. Do you plan to listen to/have you listened to any audiobooks this year?

This was my year of finally listening to audiobooks! I’m glad I took the plunge. I’ve listened to four so far, all autobiographies, so my next challenge is to try a fiction book.

13. Are you planning carefully or winging it?

I like the act of planning but it doesn’t bother me if I veer completely off course and mood-read instead. It’s the process of organisation that I enjoy rather than actually being organised.

14. What’s your highest rated book vs. your lowest rated book so far?

Highest rated is Me by Elton John, though I’ve had a couple of five-stars alongside it. Lowest is London: A Short History.

15. Are you more likely to finish a book you don’t like if you really need it for your challenge?

It depends how long it is. If it’s short, I’d rather power through then have to start something new, especially if the replacement book is longer. But if it’s a long book to begin with, I know it’ll slow down my entire progress so I’ll dump it.

Let me know if you also decide to answer these questions.
I’d love to see your answers and cheer on your reading goals!

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