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August Book Travels

I’ve just moved to London and I’ve been busy exploring my new city. Let me show you some of the bookish places I’ve visited this month!

IKEA Wembley and the Man Booker Prize teamed up to host these reading rooms filled with the longlist books. I went along on the last day and it was so nice! I had a really busy and stress-filled weekend, moving to a city and unpacking, but spending an hour in a reading in a little nook surrounded by books and plants was so relaxing! Plus, I got to take home one of the nominated books for free. I chose The Water Cure by Sarah Mackintosh, which I’m really liking so far. Stay tuned for a review later in the month!

I spent a day with the lovely ladies at Persephone Books, a bookstore and publishing house in Bloomsbury that reprints 20th-century works by women writers that may have been overlooked at the time of their initial publication. They kindly gave me this book, The Expendable Man by Dorothy R. Hughes, and a tote bag after doing some work experience with them. If you’re in the area, they’re well worth a visit. The whole street is a treat to be honest – Coffee Blooms does great frappés if this London heat is getting too much for you!

I made a summer visit to the seaside and spotted this ‘Blind Date with a Book’ display in Bournemouth’s Waterstones. Anyone tried this? I very much judge a book by it’s cover so I’m hesitant!

Confession: I live and work very close to Notting Hill and have never seen the film Notting Hill. So I was very confused as to why there were so many people outside just taking photos of the shop and not even going inside. I didn’t take a photo of the shop because I DIDN’T REALISE IT WAS A THING. I just thought their children’s and classics sections were cute. 

To mark the centenary of (some) women getting the vote, there’s a bunch of exhibits and events happening all around London and the UK this year. One of them is this Rebel Women Trail in the National Portrait Gallery. A friend and I did the trail, which was really fun! I liked it so much that I bought their 100 Pioneering Women book, which features portraits of women from the gallery.

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