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Book Review: Red Snow by Will Dean

Journalist Tuva Moodyson has just two weeks left in the sleepy Swedish town of Gavrik. Soon she’ll be on a sleeper train to the south, to a new job and a fresh start. As she begins to pack up her life, a mysterious suicide and a horrific homicide occur within days of one another and plunge the town’s main employer, the family-owned liquorice factory, into the middle of a murder investigation. A local writer recruits Tuva to research the Grimberg liquorice dynasty amidst the police’s attempt to find what has become known as a the Ferryman killer. There are two bodies, and Tuva has just precious little time to figure out what the Grimbergs are hiding.

Everything’s white. It looks like God poured a bottle of correction fluid over the whole town, and who the hell could blame him.

I enjoyed returning to Gavrik and reconnecting with Tuva Moodyson in this sequel to Dark Pines, but I didn’t quite love this as much as the first book in the series. It was fun to revisit the odd characters from the first book, like the woodworking sisters. I also love Tuva’s relationship with Tammy; there was some tension introduced between the two of them and it was interesting to see a different dynamic to that relationship. I know Tammy will be a big focus of the third book in the series, Black River, so it’s likely that I will continue with the series as I really enjoy this aspect of the books. However, this one fell slightly flat for me. I did enjoy it, but it didn’t quite meet the bar set by Dark Pines.

Rating: 3 / 5 stars

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  1. I found the ending a disappointment. Without giving anything away, I thought the killer’s justification for what they did a tad unbelievable. A damp squib I’m afraid, especially after the cracking Dark Pines.

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