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I’ve been thinking about whether or not I was going to post anything related what’s been happening since the murder of George Floyd. I’ve been signing petitions, donating, and sharing resources on social media, but I haven’t posted anything here on my blog. There are voices in this conversation that are far more important than my own, but that doesn’t mean I get to be silent. Although I’ve been vocal in my support for the Black Lives Matter movement in real life and on social media, I didn’t want to be quiet about it here. Speaking up once doesn’t mean you don’t need to speak up again. And again. And again.

I was talking with my housemate yesterday about what we, as two privileged white women, can do, and how we can further educate ourselves. I started mentioning a few books and in typical me fashion, I told her I’d send a list.

So I thought I’d share that list. This is obviously not exhaustive. There’s always more we can do and more we can read in order to educate ourselves, but I hope that maybe there is something here that can help you start or continue to do that.

Before I get into it, here’s a few things I want to mention:
– I’ve read most of these so if you want to ask me anything about them, please feel free and I will try my best to answer. I’ve included some I haven’t read but that are on my TBR – these I’ve marked with ^. Like I said, this list isn’t exhaustive but rather a selection of books I’ve read/plan to read which I think are valuable contributions to the topic.
– I’ve likely reviewed some of those I’ve read. I’m not linking to my reviews here, because, well, it feels weird. This isn’t a post to plug my old content. My reviews should be easy to find if you’re interested. Instead, title links go to Goodreads.
– I’ve noted those which are not written by white authors. I’ve still included them as I think are worth reading, but I would urge you to make sure you’re also reading books about race by black authors and other authors of colour.
– If you’re going to purchase any of these, please purchase from your local indie bookstore or try, who donate a portion of profits to an indie of your choice. Alternatively, here’s some black-owned bookstores in the US you can buy from, and here’s some in the UK.
– If you’re going to borrow any of these books please, if you can, donate what you would have spent to a relevant charity or cause.



Speak up. Keep learning. Stay safe.

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