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February’s Monthly Round-Up

This month’s round-up is coming at you a couple of days earlier than usual because today I’m heading to Prague! I’m probably landing in the Czech capital just as this post goes up, and I’m super excited to get away for a few days! I’m not counting on getting much reading done whilst here, but I hope I managed at least an hour on the plane.

This month has really run away from me. After a slower-than-slow January, February flew by. My reading hasn’t gone great, not necessarily in quantity but definitely in quality, with mostly middling ratings arising from the books I did get to the past few weeks. Here’s what I read:

What I Read in February

  • Wilder Girls by Rory Power (Review) – 3 stars
  • 100 Pioneering Women by the National Portrait Gallery (Post) – 4 stars
  • Virgin: The Untouched History by Hanne Blank (Review) – 2 stars
  • Gotta Get Theroux This: My Life and Strange Times in Television by Louis Theroux (Review) – 3 stars
  • Over the Top: A Raw Journey to Self-Love by Jonathan Van Ness (Review) – 5 stars
  • Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman (Review) – 5 stars

A mediocre month start to the month for me. I spent a lot of time trying to get into an ARC that I wanted to love but just couldn’t connect with despite the beautiful writing, so that was a DNF and somewhat of a waste of a week or so. Things definitely picked up towards the end, with my second audiobook of the month from my fave of the Fab 5, and finally reading Eleanor Oliphant.

Upcoming Reads

I’m planning on starting The Priory of the Orange Tree on the plane to Prague. I usually read my biggest books at the beginning of the year but it’s almost March and I haven’t touched any of the tomes on my list. I also have one more ARC to get to next month, but after that it’ll be mood-reading until April’s Magical Readathon!

Missed some posts?

Here are some other things I’ve been enjoying this month.

On the small screen

I rewatched Lady Bird when I went to visit my parents for the weekend because they hadn’t seen it, and it was just as good the second time around. However, I’m mourning the fact that I didn’t get tickets to see Timothée Chalamet starring in 4000 Miles at the Old Vic, so watching Lady Bird certainly didn’t help my sadness (even though he’s The Worst™ in that film). I haven’t given up hope though, so keep your fingers crossed for me that I manage to snag a preview ticket!

I got around to checking out Hereditary, even though half of it was from behind a pillow – so creepy! I loved it but boy, did it freak me out, and I’m normally quite unmoved by scary films. Other than that, nothing of note. It’s been a quiet month on the film front.

Onto TV: I’m deep in the midst of a Reign rewatch and hoping that I can finally make it to the end this time. I must have seen season one about three times now. I do love it, I just tend to trail off and start on something else around the season three mark and have never quite made it to the very end.

I did finish season five of Schitt’s Creek though, and I’m sad! This was my go-to happy show, but at least now I can start on all the other comedy series I’ve been neglecting in my Netflix queue whilst I wait for the final season to come out.

Making (sound)waves

We have new music from KALEO! I love this Icelandic band and it’s been ages since they released anything but they’ve just dropped two new tracks, I Want More and Break My Baby, so fingers crossed we’ll be getting a new album soon.

I found this Southern Gothic Instrumental playlist on Spotify which is a vibe – I’ve been listening to it at work a lot – and I have two new favourite ambience videos for bedtime: this ‘Imperial Chinese Concubine’s Palace’ from Ambience of Yesterday, and ‘Space House with Magic Book’ from Miracle Forest.

What else have I been upto?

Keeping up with my New Year’s resolution to go to the theatre more, I went to see Waitress! I knew absolutely nothing about it before I went – a friend said she was getting a big group together so they could get a deal on tickets and I was like ‘Sure, I’ll come!’ – but I loved it, it was so much fun!

I took an InDesign course which I talked a little bit about here, and I’ve been using it a lot at work so I’m really pleased. I still have loads to learn but I feel really good about it. This month in general has been a great month at work and I’m so happy that four months in I’m still just as excited about my job as I was when I first started.

And, finally, I’m in Prague! I’ve been looking forward to this all month and it’s been forever since I went on holiday so I’m super excited for this weekend. More on my trip in next month’s round-up!

What was your favourite February read?
Anything else you’ve been loving this month?

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  1. Ooh, I hope you’re enjoying in Prague, that sounds fantastic!!

    I’m really glad you loved Eleanor Oliphant, she’s such a favorite character of mine. 🙂 And I’ll be interested to see what you think of Priory of the Orange Tree, I’ve been meaning to read it but the size is so daunting that I never manage to pick it up!

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