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Friday’s Further Reading | 3

Welcome back to Friday’s Further Reading

If you missed previous posts, you can check them out here, but basically what I’ll be doing is sharing a handful of interesting reads I’ve come across in the past few weeks. These could be short stories, poems, posts from other bloggers, or news articles; bookish and otherwise. 

With a lot of places closed right now due to COVID-19, it’s easy to turn to Amazon for an easy book-buying fix. Margaret at Weird Zeal explains how Amazon is harming the industry and alternatives for shopping with them. To add a UK alternative to the mix, check out Hive – they give a portion of their profits from every sale to an indie bookstore of your choice! They’re also doubling the usual amount of commission they give indies during this crisis. It’s important now more than ever to help support independent bookstores; we may not have many left once this pandemic is over.

Margaret also has a follow-up post about how best to support indies right now. And, to reiterate Margaret’s disclaimer, this isn’t meant to guilt-trip anyone who does buy books from Amazon, but just to explain why it’s good to use alternatives when and where possible.

On to more fun blogging topics! Back when I was writing this post about my ideal fictional jobs, I came across a similar post from Marisa Mohi which had me cracking up at her very specific career choices!

In this article from Scholarly Kitchen, David Crotty looks at the talk surrounding fonts after a Twitter discussion erupted about writers’ choice typography for their drafts. In her TEDx talk, designer Sarah Hyndman, looks at the importance of typeface at production level and how it can effect the way we perceive a narrative.

Finally, this short Guardian piece from January talks about how academia can look like “a pint of Guinness … – diverse below, but not at the top”. An interesting analogy for a problem that needs a lot of work.

Happy reading!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing my posts, and adding a UK alternative that I didn’t know about! Hive sounds like a great way to order books, and I’m (obviously) here for supporting independent bookstores 😀

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