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Friday’s Further Reading | 6

Welcome back to Friday’s Further Reading

If you missed previous posts, you can check them out here. Friday’s Further Reading is chance for me to share some interesting reads I’ve come across in the past few weeks. These could be short stories, poems, posts from other bloggers, or news articles; bookish and otherwise. 

I’ve been really wrapped up in other things this month and I haven’t really been keeping track of the various things I’ve come across, but one thing I do want to share with you is a website called Window Swap, where you can tune in to a video of the view from a random person’s window. People have submitted videos from all over the world and it’s amazing to watch. It’s lovely ambient noise for reading too (my weak attempt at trying to make this bookish somehow…)

My favourite that I’ve come across so far is this view in Doha, Qatar, of a cat watching the birds whilst the sun goes down.

Happy reading – and watching!

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