Hogwarts House Battle: Readathon Round-Up

The main idea of the Hogwarts House Battle was to read as much as possible – points for pages! You also got additional points for completing prompts, group reads, and more.

As I mentioned in my Monthly Round-Up post, I didn’t have the best reading month in September. I was super excited for the Hogwarts House Battle but I think I may have been a little bit burnt out from the Magical Readathon and also life in general, so I didn’t get a huge amount of reading done. BUT, I did read two books that had been on my TBR for quite a while now, and an ARC, so it was small in quantity but still productive!

I only took part in the prompts, none of the group challenges – like I said, life stuff and reading slumps got the better of me, but it was still fun! Here’s what I managed to get through:

I got Crossfire out of the way in the first day, using it to complete the Herbology prompt: a book that means a lot to you. I struggled to find one to fit into this prompt without doing a re-read, but I went for Crossfire because I loved the Noughts & Crosses series as a kid, and I remember lending it to my grandad and him really loving it too, so I have fond memories of this series. Unfortunately, I was pretty disappointed with this fifth instalment and it didn’t have the same emotional effect on me as I was hoping. Not a great start to the readathon, but it still got me 446 points: 396 pages + 50 points for the prompt.

Next, I read The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle for the Arithmancy prompt: a number in the title. I say ‘next’ like it was quick – it took me 17 days to read this! The reading slump hit hard those first couple of weeks, but I really enjoyed this nevertheless. 505 pages plus 50 points for the prompt gives me another 555 points!

I started Straight a couple of days after I started Seven Deaths as I planned to read them alongside each other. I think I managed a chapter of Straight before I put it down for over two weeks. Then, once I finished Seven Deaths, I picked it back up again. A bit disappointed with this one but in the right hands it would be incredibly interesting and informative. I used it for the Charms prompt – a new to you author – and earned 303 points.

My last read of the month was supposed to be an ARC of The Dutch House for the Divination prompt – predicted 5 stars. I didn’t manage to finish it before the end of the month though, so I only counted the pages I did manage to read: 88.

So my total contribution to the Hogwarts House Battle was…

1392 points to Slytherin!

Image result for gif slytherin

The winning house was actually Ravenclaw, with Slytherin coming in last place – boo! But congrats, Ravenclaw! I’m disappointed that I didn’t manage to read more during the Hogwarts House Battle but I had fun with it anyway! I had to focus on other things this month, which ultimately paid off – I got offered a new job! – but I’m getting back into the swing of things in October and it’s shaping up to be a good reading month already.

Did you take part in the Hogwarts House Battle?
How did your reading go last month?

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