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It’s here, it’s here, it’s here! I have been so excited for the NEWTs Magical Readathon. OWLs were so much fun so I can’t wait to get stuck back in. As usual, G at Book Roast has gone over and above with her work on this readathon, even creating a beautiful set of watercolour bookmarks that I’ve desperately been trying to buy but they keep selling out before I can get them! Keep an eye on her Insta for a peek, they’re stunning!

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You can approach the readathon in any way you like and you don’t need to take part during the assigned month, but, ironically, I find it more fun to play by the ‘rules’! The links for everything Magical Readathon related are in the description box of Book Roast’s video, including explanations of how both of the Magical Readathons work, FAQs, prompts and the incredibly detailed careers booklet.

The idea is to choose a profession and complete the OWLs and NEWTs prompts required to qualify for that career. I chose the Hogwarts Professor career back in April, completing OWLs in Defence Against the Dark Arts and my teaching subject of choice, which was Divination, plus five others, but I ended up doing two extra. Now NEWTs have rolled around, I have another set of prompts to complete. Each NEWT exam has three prompts of varying difficulty to reflect the three pass grades available: Acceptable, Exceeds Expectations, and Outstanding. To continue on the Professor career path, I have to achieve Outstanding in both DADA and Divination, plus Acceptable in two other subjects. I’m presuming that I can’t ‘take exams’ in subjects I didn’t ‘pass’ at OWLs, so I’ve chosen to do Charms and Ancient Runes, with Care of Magical Creatures as an extra or back-up choice.

For the NEWTs, there’s also a ‘Restricted Section’ book, Spellslinger by Sebastien de Castell, that can be used to replace any prompt. I’m quite content with my picks so I don’t think I’ll be using the Restricted Section book, but it’s just another example of how detailed and engaging G has made this readathon!

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I’m still working through my TBR backlist and managed to find books from that which fit the prompts I need to do. Here’s my TBR!

  • Hot Milk by Deborah Levy: This was recommended to me by a friend earlier this year. I think it’s going to be a great summer read.
  • The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin: Somewhere in this TBR I had to fit my Unread Shelf Project read for the month, but luckily it was a simple prompt: a book voted for by Bookstagram. I picked two that I’d like to read for Charms and asked Bookstagram to pick. This one came out on top. The cover is a lovely autumn leaves design.
  • Living a Feminist Life by Sarah Ahmed: This is one of the oldest books on my TBR so I’m glad I found a prompt I could fit it into.
  • The Strange Bird by Jeff VanderMeer: I adored Borne and this little novella takes place in the same world so I’m really looking forward to this!
  • His Last Fire by Alix Nathan: Nathan’s The Warlow Experiment has just come out and looks really interesting. However, I’ve seen mixed reviews, with one person saying it’s just a padded out version of a short story within this collection, so I decided to check out this instead of the full novel for now.
  • Whistle in the Dark by Emma Healey: I thought the ‘black underneath the dust jacket’ would be really hard so I’m glad I found this on my shelves! It sounds very intriguing but has had mixed reviews, so we’ll see.
  • Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong – and the New Research That’s Rewriting the Story by Angela Saini: The prompt for this was ‘the first book you can remember from your TBR’ which was kind of difficult as I’d been staring at my TBR for ages, picking books for prompts. Instead, I just chose one at random, and this was it!
  • Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge: The third non-fiction book on my list! Still working towards my 2019 goals. This has had so much praise. I’m interested to learn about race in the UK rather than the US, as I’m used to reading.
  • A View of the Empire at Sunset by Caryll Phillips: I’m not sure about this one, but as a fictionalised story of one of my favourite authors, Jean Rhys, I’m eager to see if it’s any good. This will be my last read of the Magical Readathon and only if I have the time.

The NEWTs Magical Readathon begins August 1st, less than two weeks away! I’m sure there will be plenty of extra mini-challenges that take place on Twitter throughout the readathon too. I’m excited to get stuck in again!

Are you doing your NEWTs this August?

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