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Magical Readathon: Winter Edition – Part IV

It’s almost Christmas! We’re in the fourth week of December so Chapter Four of the Magical Readathon: Winter Edition is now open!

The last chapter ended with a bloody warning about the opening of the Chamber of Secrets. Chapter Four opens with the murmurings surrounding the strange message, and asks if I joined Hermione’s book club back in an earlier chapter, and therefore have already read a little about the Chamber of Secrets, which I did. You and Hermione fill in Ron, who worries that the monster could be a huge spider! Christmas comes around and most people head home, leaving you, Ron and Hermione with free reign of the castle. G uses this moment to announce a little giveaway, so go check it out!

With the castle so quiet, the trio can’t help but speculate over who is responsible, and Hermione pitches the idea of the polyjuice potion to find out if Malfoy is behind any of this. Next choice is whether I join her or sit this one out. I’ve been trying to pick the opposite to what actually happens in the book, so I go with trying to find another way of investigating. After confirming that I didn’t pick up Tom Riddle’s diary in an earlier chapter, I’m led to my next choice: when encountering a clogged toilet that’s flooded the seventh floor hallway, do I retrieve the diary from the loo, or rethink the polyjuice potion? I grab the diary, and get my first prompt: read a book written by an author whose last name begins with T, M, or R! I’m going to read an ARC from NetGalley: The Last Day by Andrew Hunter Murray

Failing to keep Hermione’s interest in the apparently blank diary, you take things into your own hands and write a few words yourself. It starts to write back, and offers to show you the Chamber of Secrets in the form of a memory. It reveals that Hagrid supposedly opened the chapter 50 years before You haul Ron down to Hagrid’s hut under the invisibility cloak and ask him about his involvement, until the Minister of Magic barges in, forcing you both to hide in a corner. The Minister arrests Hagrid for suspected involvement, but before he is led away, he imparts a cryptic clue: follow the spiders. Do you follow this lead, or head back to the castle? This time I’m going with the books, and head into the forbidden forest to find Aragog.

Are you taking part in the Magical Readathon: Winter edition?
Let me know what choices you made and what prompts you received!

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