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May’s Monthly Round-Up

Shall we just reacquaint ourselves with the opening line of my April Round-Up? Ahem…. “Let’s be honest, April was… not fun. Hoping for a slightly more optimistic-looking May!”

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Wow, May was… bad? And I thought I was demotivated in April. At least I was reading, even if I wasn’t blogging. Honestly, I have lost all track of time so I didn’t realise until two-thirds of the way through the month that I literally hadn’t read a thing, and had blogged even less. I managed to get a few posts up but a lot of stuff was things I’d scheduled a while ago. I did do a general life update in the second-to-last week of May and that actually really helped get me back into the groove of things – this is the fourth post I’m drafting in as many hours, I’m on a roll – and just when I thought I’d have to skip this month’s round-up, in the last few days of May I finally! read! not one! but two! books!!

What I Read

  • A View of the Empire at Sunset by Caryl Philips (Review) – 3 stars
  • Rapture by Carol Ann Duffy (Review) – 4 stars

Upcoming Reads

I was planning on finishing the If You’ve Got it, Read it challenge last month but since I only read one of the three books I have left for it, my task this month is to finish that off and hopefully not fall into another slump. I’ll be picking up The Little Friend by Donna Tartt first, and then reading By Order of the Peaky Blinders, a behind-the-scenes look at the TV show.

Missed some posts?

Here are some other things I’ve been enjoying this month.

On the small screen

In my life update post I talked about my weekly Harry-Potter-movie-drinking-game I’ve been playing over FaceTime with my best pal. This week it’s the first Deathly Hallows film, so we’re almost finished!

Other than that, I haven’t watched any films this month. I did binge the final season of Schitt’s Creek though, which had me ugly-crying into a pizza at the final episode.

I watched the finale of Ru Paul’s Drag Race with my housemate and thought it was amazing how the queens pulled off such a sickening grand final from their own homes! Also RE: the opening gif of this post – my housemate literally just told me she’d ordered this print of Trixie Mattel saying ‘Oh honey’ right as I finished writing this. If that doesn’t tell you that we’ve been locked up together for too long then I don’t know what does.

Making (sound)waves

My bestie is the biggest BTS stan and I’m being (completely willingly) dragged on board. I woke up to some very excited and incomprehensible messages the day that Agust D-2 was announced, and honestly, I get the hype, it’s a banger of a mixtape and I’m really enjoying it. Also, this music video???? I can’t stop watching. The blonde ponytail? The scar? The lyrics? Absolutely savagery from this man and I’m here for it.

What else have I been upto?

Continuing on from above, I told my friend I was struggling to remember who’s who in BTS because there’s seven of them and they each have, like, a dozen nicknames and change their hair colours every week. Cue an email featuring a seventeen-page PowerPoint presentation titled ‘get in losers, we are bulletproof’, accompanied by a four-hour YouTube playlist, designed to fully educate me on all things BTS. I’ve been working my way through that (it isn’t work, I’m absolutely loving it, big fan) and it’s by far the highlight of my month. It’s also prompted me to take part in Noura’s K-Pop Readathon, so keep an eye out for my TBR post coming soon!

Apart from that, I mentioned in my update post that I’ve been, and I quote, “playing The Sims, being sad about Harry Potter, and drinking cheap wine.” Honestly, I wasn’t lying. It’s all I’ve done.

What was your favourite May read?
Anything else you’ve been loving this month?

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