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My Bookshelves

I’ve been moved into my new place for a month now so I figured it was about time I shared photos of my books! Plus, my brother bought me this gorgeous trailing ivy as a housewarming present today and it’s too pretty not to photograph.

There’s somewhat of a system here. Top shelf just has two random hardbacks on the left, and my Jean Rhys books on the right. Second shelf is my hardbacks. The little elephant vase on the third shelf houses my bookmark collection, not including the pretty floral magnetic ones you can see in my gold basket there. Fourth shelf is my paperbacks, organised by colour, and on the right in the shadows is my Kindle and a horoscope book. On my dresser is my gold basket of upcoming reads and The Water Cure, my current read. 

I have about the same amount of books at my parents’ house still. Almost all of the books I have here are unread – all but six plus my Jean Rhys collection. I’m super happy with how my room’s come together and excited to live here!

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