My Favourite Harry Potter ASMR Rooms for Reading

The NEWTs Magical Readathon is in full swing! I’ve already passed everything I needed to for my career, so I’m now reading additional books to get extra grades. Sometimes I can find it hard to concentrate when there’s a lot going on around me, especially if I can hear conversations (in real life or on television) or music with lyrics. Basically anything with words because the words I’m hearing get all mixed up with the words I’m reading. But I found a solution: ASMR rooms. They changed the game for me when I discovered them a couple of years ago.

What is ASMR, and what are ASMR rooms?

For those of you that may be unfamiliar with ASMR rooms, let me give you a brief lowdown. ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, and it’s that nice relaxed tingly feeling that you might get when you hear certain noises. ASMR has become a booming trend on YouTube, where videos of soft-spoken ASMRtists tap candles, crinkle paper, and even eat food into super-sensitive microphones, all in pursuit of the elusive ‘tingles’. I know, it sounds kind of weird. I’ve been listening to it for a while now but I still cringe when I have to explain it to someone. But, ASMR rooms are a little different. You know how you can get those apps that play thunderstorm sounds, or coffee shop ambience? Some even allow you to layer sounds, so you can feel like you’re sat in a quiet coffee shop, hiding from the rain, with cars driving past and, I don’t know… a cat purring on your lap? I guess we’re in a cat cafe now? That’s kind of what an ASMR room is like.

My favourites

I started out using apps like Rain Rain, Coffitivity, and Relax Melodies, all of which I still use. However, discovering ASMR rooms gave my reading experience a whole new layer of escapism. Whilst I do listen to non-Harry Potter themed rooms, they’re definitely my absolute favourite, and the large number of settings within the series means that there’s a huge variety of ‘rooms’ to choose from. I’ve built up quite a collection of favourites and know exactly which ones will help enhance the genre or mood I might be reading at the time. Here are some of my favourites!

Hogwarts Study Session by ASMRWeekly

Sounds: rain, thunder, pages turning, writing, other magical sounds

Newt Scamander’s Suitcase by ASMR rooms

Sounds: night sounds, footsteps, thunderstorm, writing, creaking floorboards

Hogwarts Express by Winter Whale ASMR

Sounds: train, page turning, writing

Firenze’s Divination Classroom by ASMR rooms

Sounds: fire crackling, birds and insects, centaur hooves, night sounds, page turning, writing

12 Grimmauld Place by ASMR Weekly

Sounds: fire crackling, writing, people moving about the house, piano playing, wind blowing, magic sounds, pages turning, purring cat, kitchen sounds, rain

Hogwarts Great Hall by Winter Whale ASMR

Sounds: fire crackling, quiet chatter, footsteps, pages turning

Waking Up in Hogsmeade Village by ASMR rooms

Sounds: wind blowing, crowing cockerel, owls hooting, kitchen sounds, bird sounds, footsteps in the snow

Astronomy Tower by ASMR Weekly

Sounds: fire crackling, tinkling of metal instruments, creaking telescope, wind howling, magic sounds, rain and thunder, footsteps

This is just a selection of some of my go-to soundscapes, but all of my favourite Harry Potter inspired ambient rooms can be found on my YouTube playlist, here!

What do you like to listen to when you read?

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