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New Year Resolutions Book Tag: Mid-Year Review

Back in January I did the New Year Resolutions Book tag, and I talked about books, series, and authors I wanted to read in 2020. Since we’re about halfway through the year now, I thought it would be fun to look at the same questions again and see if I managed to read any of the things I was hoping to. Ah, bright-eyed January me. You would be sorely disappointed.

An author you’d like to read that you’ve never read
I said: Leigh Bardugo
And now?: Still haven’t read any. Ninth House sits unread on my shelves.

A book you’d like to read
I said: The Binding by Bridget Collins
And now?: Unread. This one I’m determined to read this year because I was determined to read it last year, and I really can’t let this go on much longer.

A classic you’d like to read
I said: Maybe Little Women, but I’m not fussed, and not a big reader of classics.
And now?: Yep, no classics read this year. Little Women isn’t even on my TBR, but it is on my Audible wishlist, so maybe.

A book you’d like to re-read
I said: The second and third books of His Dark Materials.
And now?: Haven’t re-read these, probably won’t.

A book you’ve had for ages and want to read
I said: Virgin: The Untouched History by Hanne Blank.
And now?: Hurrah, finally, one I have read!

A big book you’d like to read
I said: The biggest book on my TBR, The Priory of the Orange Tree.
And now?: I read it and it was SO GOOD.

An author you’ve previously read and would like to read more of
I said: Ann Patchett, specifically Bel Canto.
And now?: I haven’t read any more Ann Patchett, but I do now own a copy of Bel Canto, so in time.

A book you got for Christmas and would like to read
I said: By Order of the Peaky Blinders, a behind-the-scenes companion to the show.
And now?: I haven’t read this yet but it’s high on my TBR, so I’ll likely read it July/August.

A series you want to read from start to finish
I said: Hilary Mantel’s Cromwell triology.
And now?: There is absolutely no way I will read this in 2020. I think I put this just because it’s the only full series I have a desire to read.

A series you want to finish that you’ve already started
I said: The second Silo book, Shift.
And now?: I haven’t read this yet. I do think I’ll get around to it this year though.

Do you set reading goals? If so, how many books do you want to read in 2020?
I said: 80 books.
And now?: I was ahead but my recent slump set me back. I’ve read 34 which makes me four books behind schedule.

Any other reading goals?
I said: A few, all layed out in my 2020 Reading Goals post.
And now?: Some of these I’ve made progress with, others not. I’ll look at these in more detail in another post maybe!

How are you getting on with your 2020 reading plans?

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