NEWTs Magical Readathon Round-Up

I had so much fun with this year’s NEWTs Magical Readathon! I didn’t get a chance to join in with any of the challenges and games on Twitter, but I did take part in a few reading sprints and read a lot. I needed to read seven books to achieve my career of Hogwarts Professor of Divination: an O in Divination (three books), an E in Defence Against the Dark Arts (two books), and two As in any subject (one book each). I chose Charms and Ancient Runes as my two ‘Acceptable’ subjects. You can take a look at my original TBR here. Thanks to some quick and very short reads I managed to get through fifteen books and achieve four Outstanding grades, one Excellent, and one Acceptable. Even though a few of the books were short, they all still totalled up to 2780 pages, which is almost 700 pages more than my usual monthly page count.

Here’s what I read:

(!) indicates an extra read, not required for my career.

My NEWTs Magical Readathon books

For Divination:
– A – You Have the Right to Remain Fat
– E – The Strange Bird
– O – His Last Fire

For Defence Against the Dark Arts:
– A – Whistle in the Dark
– E – Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong
– O – Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race (!)

For Ancient Runes:
– A – Hot Milk
– E – Dark Matter (!)
– O – Nothing is Okay (!)

For Charms:
– A – The Immortalists
– E – Sweetlings (!)
– O – Animals Eat Each Other (!)

For Care of Magical Creatures:
– A – AVOKA (!)
– E – i can remember the meaning of every tarot card but i can’t remember what i texted you last night (!)

For Muggle Studies:
– A – To Obama: With Joy, Love, Anger and Hope (!)

I have reviewed or plan to review most of these, but some may not be posted until next week or so. I’ll come back and update this post when they go up!

I had a great reading month with the NEWTs Magical Readathon and I hope to continue smashing through my TBR with this month’s Hogwarts House Battle! You can find out more about this readathon and view my tentative TBR here.

Did you take part in NEWTs Magical Readathon?
How did you do?

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