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October’s Monthly Round-Up

October has been such a great month for me!

I had three weeks left at my old job which were very busy, full of tying things up and training. It wasn’t all work, work, work though, as on my penultimate day I got to attend a very fancy awards show where one of our books won Publication of the Year! It was such a great note to end my time there on.

After a short weekend, I started my new job and I’m already loving it! I’m really excited by the work that the whole organisation is doing and everyone has been so friendly and welcoming. I can’t wait to see what the next few months will bring.

My new job has also been good for my reading, because the commute is much better suited to getting a few pages in. I’ve been reading on the tube for at least 45 minutes a day. Short bursts of reading during the day always make me eager to get back to a book in the evening before bed.

This month, I managed another three books (with a DNF detour somewhere in the middle).

October book covers: The Dutch House, The Roommates, Thin Air.

What I Read in October

  • The Dutch House by Ann Patchett (Review) – 5 stars
  • The Roommates by Rachel Sargeant (Review) – 2 stars
  • Thin Air by Michelle Paver (Review) – 4 stars

My Unread Shelf Project prompt for this month was a book that scares you. I opted for the crime thriller, Six Four, by Hideo Yakayama and translated by Jonathan Lloyd-Davies. Unfortunately, this was a DNF for me at 22%. It was pages upon pages of minutiae about the bureaucracy of the Japanese police system and after a quick scour through Goodreads reviews, it looked like I was in for another 200 pages of much of the same. Not ideal for getting out of a reading slump! I decided I needed something short that I didn’t have super-high expectations for, but that I knew I’d enjoy, so I picked up Michelle Paver’s Thin Air which was billed as a ghost story: perfect for Halloween, and this month’s prompt!

Upcoming Reads

Once I finish my current read, The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates, my next November read will be Selected Poems by e. e. cummings. It opens with one of my favourite poems, ‘who are you,little i’, which talks about November sunsets, so a perfect way to start the month. I’ve read a lot of this collection already but never the whole thing, so I’m looking forward to discovering some new favourites!

My Unread Shelf Project prompt is a book from my favourite genre. I’ve gone with If We Were Villains, a dark academia read that’s had a lot of hype. The next book I plan to read is The Secret Commonwealth which I’m really excited for. I haven’t planned any further ahead than that as I’ve been reading a bit slowly the past couple of months so I don’t want to pressure myself. Saying that, I started Philip Pullman’s essays on storytelling, Daemon Voices, months ago and never got around to picking it up again, and I don’t want to leave it unfinished at the end of the year so I’ll try to make some progress with that too.

Missed some posts?

Even though I’ve been a little slack with my reading and therefore have had less to review, I still posted plenty in October!

Phew, that’s a lot of posts! Hopefully I’ll have more reviews this month to balance the blog a little.

Here’s some other things I’ve been enjoying this month.

On the small screen

  • Ru Paul’s Drag Race crosses the pond with a brand new UK edition! Though I was a little disappointed in the lack of diversity in the line-up, the series has been fun so far and they’ve had some great guest judges.
  • That’s pretty much the only new thing I’ve been watching this month! I’m catching up on all the shows I’ve talked about previously (Bake Off, Top Boy, Schitt’s Creek, the list goes on) before I start anything new.

Making (sound)waves

  • I decided it was high time I caught up with Welcome to Night Vale, the podcast that got me into podcasts many years ago. I realised I was a whopping three years behind! I’ve just finished episode 104 so I have over 50 to go, yikes! I’m really enjoying getting back into it though.
  • It’s Scorpio season, baby! Sanctuary World do great horoscope-themed playlists and my season’s is no exception.

What was your favourite October read?
Anything else you’ve been loving this month?

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