Reread, Rewrite, Burn Book Tag

I decided to finally do the Reread, Rewrite, Burn book tag that I’ve seen Kristen Kraves Books do a few times now. The rules are pretty simple: pick three books and, in the style of ‘Snog, Marry, Avoid’ (or any other less-PG13 versions you’ve come across) you pick which of the three books you would reread, rewrite, or just throw in a fire. You can do as many or as few rounds as you like; I’ve settled on five. I used my Goodreads ‘Read’ shelf with sorting set to random and just went with the top three books each time I refreshed.

Round 1

I’d definitely reread Grief is the Thing With Feathers. I didn’t rate this highly but I think I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind for it. I’d maybe rewrite Adults, which I enjoyed but didn’t love. Besides, it seems wrong to rewrite something like Be With Me Always: Essays due to its personal nature, so I’m afraid this one is going on the pyre.

Round 2

Ooh tough, two very different classics here. I think The Great Gatsby is a classic that can be reread many times. I definitely prefer Trainspotting to Say, Say, Say, but I don’t think anyone could rewrite it with the same effect. So, I’d rewrite Say, Say, Say and burn Trainspotting. Besides, I’ll still have the film for whenever I want to dip into Renton’s world.

Round 3

I love Jean Rhys, so Let Them Call it Jazz would be an easy reread pick for me. I also loved the format Dear Fahrenheit 451 and love the idea of writing letters to books, so I’d have a go at that myself and rewrite this one. The Woman in Cabin 10 didn’t blow me away, so this one I’d throw overboard.

Round 4

I would definitely reread If We Were Villains, I love this book! I also really loved Isn’t It Pretty to Think So? but I read it a long time ago and I think if I read it now, I’d be disappointed, so I’m going to burn this one so that it can remain a positive experience, haha. I’d definitely rewrite Red Clocks; I wanted to love this so much but it fell flat for me and could have done so much more.

Round 5

This is a pretty easy one. I’d burn The Temple House Vanishing as it was pretty disapppointing – I didn’t even review it. I’d reread The Goldfinch because I love that book and everything Donna Tartt writes. Finally, I’d rewrite Jane Eyre. It’s a classic that I love but as Jean Rhys has proven with Wide Sargasso Sea, it’s always an interesting exercise to imagine the lives of supporting characters or alternative outcomes in our favourite classics.

Do you agree with any of my choices?
Let me know if you would have chosen differently!

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