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Book Review: Adults by Emma Jane Unsworth

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Jenny is in her mid-thirties and by all accounts, her life is pretty great. She has a good job at a cool magazine, owns a house in London, and has an array of funny friends just a text away. Problem is, she now has to live with three painfully hipster housemates since breaking up with her semi-famous artist boyfriend, her relationship with her best friend is also on the rocks, as is her career, and her fortune-telling mother has decided to show up on her doorstep. But the worst bit? Suzy Brambles just unfollowed her on Instagram.

For the next ten or twenty minutes, we are just three women sitting together, looking out from our faces, doing our best. Life goes on. That’s the great insult of it, I suppose.

It’s not often I laugh out loud at a book, but Adults had me doing just that. I went into this not really knowing what it was meant to be, and so some of the dialogue made me cringe a little at first. Eventually I got more comfortable with the tone of the book and settled into it, took it a little less seriously, and had a really fun time reading this. Jenny is pretty terrible; the only thing she’s obsessed with more than herself is Suzy Brambles, a social media influencer who finally follows her after months of Jenny’s likes and comments, only to unfollow her again just as quickly – a moment that sends Jenny into a complete spiral which is only exacerbated by her break-up with Art (who is quantifiably The Worst) and then her “young-at-heart” mother’s arrival. The characters are caricatural but as a millennial living in London, they’re all uncomfortably recognisable to me, but that only served to make their ridiculous comments and actions even more humorous. There are some tender moments in amongst the comedy, but it is first and foremost an entertaining and satirical look at the lives of the social media obsessed. I haven’t watched much of Fleabag so I can’t comment on how true the comparisons are, but I think Adults is a safe bet if you’re a fan of its television peer, and an all-round fun read.

Rating: 3 / 5 stars

Adults is out on January 30th in the UK, and May 20th in the USA under the title Grown Ups.

*I received a free e-ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

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