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Book Review: Becoming by Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama’s highly anticipated autobiography is split into three parts: ‘Becoming Me’ which tells the story of her childhood and college years, ‘Becoming Us’ which follows her relationship with Barack, and ‘Becoming More’, which takes place during Barack’s presidency and Michelle’s time as First Lady.

This isn’t a tell-all, dish-the-dirt book. Michelle’s far too classy for that. But it is honest and frank. It doesn’t dwell too much on politics but she knows the book can’t shy away from them either – she was the First Lady, after all. She gives us an insight into the emotions and relationships behind the closed (and heavily guarded) doors of The White House. It isn’t at all preachy but still encourages you to think about your potential and the ways in which individuals can make a change in the world, even on a small scale. It’s an inspiring story about a tenacious woman who came from a relatively normal background and ended up on the world’s biggest stage and decided to make her time there matter.

Rating: 4 / 5 stars

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