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Book Review: Dear Fahrenheit 451 by Annie Spence

Annie Spence’s debut book is the perfect book about books. She writes love letters to her favourites accompanied by anecdotes about what makes them so special to her, alongside apologetic break-up notes to books she could never finish, or ones that needed ‘weeding’ from her library stacks. It’s full of classics, modern bestsellers, childhood staples, and downright weird titles that you would have never heard of without Spence mentioning it here. Some letters last pages, others a few paragraphs, making it perfect to just pick up and read for a few minutes (even though I read the whole thing in one sitting).

Her style is informal and chatty and full of wit that made me laugh out loud. The final fifty or so pages are articles of book recommendations, from excuses to stay at home reading and books that match your anti-social lies, to which books to give your less bookish significant other depending on the last thing they read, even if their answer is “Um, the last episode of Scandal?” This would be a GREAT present for any reader so if you’ve got some bookish friends to buy for this Christmas… definitely recommended.

Rating: 4 / 5 stars

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