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Book Review: Good Me, Bad Me by Ali Land

Annie’s mother is a serial killer. After years of abuse and being witness to her mother’s crimes, Annie has a new name: Milly. And she has a new life. Living with a rich foster family complete and attending an exclusive girls school, Milly tries to find a normal life amidst the stress of her mother’s impending trial. On of this, her foster sister, Phoebe, isn’t happy with her new family’s new adopted stray and makes sure Milly knows this at every opportunity. Soon Milly begins to wonder how much like her mother she really is.

A person can forgive a lot if they need the company.

I was loaned this by my boss and sped through it so quickly. It’s a great little thriller that examines human cruelty, from Milly’s sadistic murderer of a mother to the tormentative bullying of her foster sister and her ‘mean girl’ clique of school friends. The book is narrated by Milly and it’s somewhat uncomfortable being inside her head at points, as she grapples with right and wrong, with her warped instincts due to her upbringing and what she knows is truly right. I liked Ali Land’s writing style in this book, which did well to mimic the inner turmoil of Milly often. The twists and turns were enough to keep me interested but nothing completely shocked me. Still, an enjoyable and quick read that helped pull me out of a lingering slump!

Rating: 3 / 5 stars

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