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Book Review: HelloFresh Recipes That Work by Patrick Drake

Goodreads summary: Started back in 2012, HelloFresh is the world’s leading recipe kit service. Each week their customers receive delicious recipes, recipe cards and all the fresh ingredients to cook them from scratch, straight to their door. In their debut cookbook, Head Chef and HelloFresh Co-Founder Patrick Drake will share the all-time top 100 recipes and techniques, as tested by millions of customers … This is not a cookbook that will just look pretty on a shelf, but one that will become the most reliable, sauce-spattered, page-folded, go-to book in your kitchen.

I love to cook and try new recipes, and I have a bit of a cookbook collection going on now. I’ve had a few HelloFresh meal-kits in the past and they were always delish so I grabbed their new cookbook pretty fast. HelloFresh has introduced me to foods I never would have considered cooking before; sometimes it’s a cuisine I’ve never tried, other times it’s a new twist on a classic favourite. Every time, it’s delicious. The book has a super relaxed tone and the explanations of cooking techniques and terms at the beginning will have even the most helpless of chefs churning out plate-perfect dinners. There’s also a page on how to prevent food waste which I loved because I hate to waste food! My personal favourites from the HelloFresh cookbook are the Orzo Risotto (I’m OBSESSED with orzo right now – it looks like rice but it’s pasta?! WILD) and the Bedouin Chicken Tagine which I cooked for Father’s Day and it went down a treat.

Rating: 4 / 5 stars

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