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Book Review: Social Creature by Tara Isabella Burton

Lavinia has everything that Louise is missing, so when the two become unlikely best friends, Louise’s life is turned upside down. The parties get wilder, the bills get bigger, and Louise begins to question how far she’ll go keep this up, to have a life like Lavinia’s, or Lavinia’s life itself.

This was a weird one for me. At the end of chapter one or two I was super into it. I read it very quickly, partly because it’s an easy read but also because I wanted to know what happened, so it definitely has the suspense aspect going for it. But the longer I spent reading this, the more I hated every single character (which, I think, is the point, right? No one in this book is supposed to be likeable, I hope) but the writing style started to grate on me a little too. I don’t know, I enjoyed the story somewhat but there were too many things about this that I didn’t like for me to fully enjoy the book.

*I received a free e-ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

Rating: 2 / 5 stars

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