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Secondhand Book Haul

Despite being on a self-imposed book-buying ban, I couldn’t resist snapping up some bargains last month and decided to share my not-so-little book haul with you. A couple of these were already on my TBR list anyway, but most were not. After halving my owned-but-unread pile this year, I felt a little bit guilty for adding so many on in one go, but what’s a girl to do? I was looking for one book in particular on eBay and came across a 20% coupon for MusicMagpie’s eBay store, and with literally hundreds of thousands of books to choose from it’s lucky I only ended up buying nine. I also took a trip home in mid-June and stopped by my local Book Cabin where everything is £1, so I nabbed a couple novels there too. Here’s a little look at all the books I bought in July!

book haul

The eBay haul

I started off looking for books that I already had on my TBR list, but there were surprisingly few. I only managed to find four:
Animals Eat Each Other by Elle Nash (recommended by Callum McLaughlin)
A Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers (recommended by Isabelle @ BookwyrmBites)
Foe by Iain Reid
Dark Matter by Michelle Paver (recommended by Merry @ Letters From the Lighthouse)

All of these (with the exception of Dark Matter, whose dust jacket was a little worse for wear) looked brand-spanking new. Like I’d just picked them up off the shelf at Waterstones kind of new. I was really impressed with the quality considering they were so low in price.

The 20% coupon I found was subject to spending £25, which I was nowhere near with just four books. I wasn’t about to browse through everything on MusicMagpie, so I decided to start by for looking my favourite authors, which is how Neverwhere and The Little Friend ended up in my basket. I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve read so far from Neil Gaiman and Donna Tartt, and both of these are some of their earlier novels so I’m interested to see if I enjoy them as much as what I’ve read previously.

I came across the final three additions to this book haul by chance.
Barkskins by Annie Proulx is a little intimidating at 700+ pages, but I loved Brokeback Mountain so I’m excited to read a full-length (albeit very long) novel by her.
Shift by Hugh Howey is the second in the Silo trilogy. I’ve read Wool, the first, and wasn’t planning on reading the second, but it’s popped up on my Goodreads feed a couple of times in the past month so I thought I’d give it a shot.
Deliciously Ella by Ella Woodward joins my growing collection of cookbooks. This one wasn’t in quite as good condition as the others and has definitely seen it’s fair share of spillages in the kitchen but I’m looking forward to cooking some recipes from it!

The Book Cabin

Neither The Girls or A Girl is a Half-formed Thing were on my TBR before I bought them, but I’d had a tough week and needed cheering up, and spending £2 at the Book Cabin was an easy way to achieve that! I’d heard of both beforehand and they seem interesting so I think I made a good pick.

Total book haul spend: £24.28

Do you mind buying books secondhand?

4 thoughts on “Secondhand Book Haul”

  1. yayyyyyyyy I’m so glad to see Small Angry Planet in this stack! (and that my recommendation inspired you to get it, thank you for pinging me 💕) the others look fantastic too, and I hope you enjoy them all.

    I’m lucky enough to have a great local library (and I’m a broke college student) so I rarely buy books, but I strongly support getting them secondhand! I’ve heard that it’s better for the environment (since books cost resources, including energy, to print and to transport for selling; like thrifted clothes, secondhand books have a reduced impact), and I love the idea of a book that has some history – come to think of it, that’s part of what I enjoy about library books too!

    1. I’m really excited to get to Small Angry Planet, I’m going to try fit it in next month!

      I need to check out my library really, especially as I think I have a couple in walking distance from me, they seem small but I’m sure they’re great once you get inside. At the rate I read books I couldn’t afford to buy everything new, and like you said, it must be better for the environment to buy used!

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