Six For Sunday: Books and Ice Cream

I recently came across the Six For Sunday blog series on AmyJaneAlice’s blog and it looked great fun! Admittedly, I rarely do every prompt for any blog series. Sometimes weeks go past without me participating (that’s a lie, I haven’t done Top 5 Wednesday or Tell Me Something Tuesday in MONTHS) but I always drop in to check out the prompts and try to fit them in if I feel like they’d be interesting to discuss! Six For Sunday, which was created by Steph @ ALittleButALot, has some great prompts coming up so I’m going to try fit them into my schedule.

For my first Six For Sunday post, the prompt is ‘Ice Cream and Book Combinations’. I decided to interpret that as ‘if books were ice cream flavours’! I came across Super Space Chick’s Ice Cream Book Tag on Youtube and that inspired a couple of the flavours and their characteristics, so credit to Kristin for the inspo!

If Milk and Honey was an ice cream flavour,
it would be vanilla.

A perfectly respectable pick, but you know exactly what you’re going to get. It could do with a little ‘sprinkle’ of something extra though, and would definitely get boring fast if you read it too often!

If the His Dark Materials series was an ice cream flavour, it would be chocolate.

Rich and indulgent, there’s a lot to get your teeth into with this. Well, maybe not your teeth, because, you know, brain freeze. But it has amazing world-building, detailed storylines and complex characters.

If Everything Leads to You was an ice cream flavour,
it would be strawberry.

This queer YA book is sweet and romantic; the perfect little summer treat.

If Borne was an ice cream flavour,
it would be mint.

Me? Managing to work a reference to Borne into every single post I do? I don’t know what you mean! Borne is refreshingly different and like nothing I’d ever read before, but, like mint ice cream, it’s probably not to everyone’s taste.

If The Other Half of Augusta Hope was an ice cream flavour, it would be coconut.

This is the perfect beach read. At around 400 pages, it will keep you occupied by the pool, and it has everything from family drama to romance, and from grief to forgiveness. A lot of it takes place on a beach, too! Don’t forget the tissues though…

If Her Body and Other Parties was an ice cream flavour,
it would be Neapolitan.

Being a collection of short stories, this is bit of everything. It fits into multiple genres, which makes you think it’s going to satisfy everyone but in reality, mixed all together, it’s hit and miss. But if you look past the stories you’re not a fan of, there’s probably something to your taste in here.

If your favourite book was an ice cream flavour, which would it be?

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