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Stacking the Shelves: January

Hosted by Tynga’s Reviews and Reading RealityStacking the Shelves is a regular feature where I share everything I’ve added to my TBR list in the past month. Each month I look at the books I’ve discovered and tell you what they’re about, where I found them, why I want to read them, what their shelf status is, how high of a priority they are, and finally what my rating prediction is.

I added a handful of new books to my TBR in January; a couple of ARCs, a freebie from work, and an audiobook.

The Fall of the House of Bryon: Scandal and Seduction in Georgian England by Emily Brand

What: The story of Lord Byron and his ancestors, and how they went from riches to ruin.
Where: NetGalley.
Why: Byron is a fascinating character but I know very little about him.
Status: ARC.
Priority: Medium – this is out in April so I’ll read it in the next couple of months.
Prediction: 4 stars.

Wilder Girls by Rory Power

What: A girl searches for her best friend on a quarantined island following the outbreak of a mutilating disease.
Where: NetGalley.
Why: I’ve seen this all over the blogosphere with pretty solid reviews but it popped up on NetGalley ahead of its paperback release so I thought I’d check it out.
Status: ARC.
Priority: I’m reading it right now, and I’m enjoying it but I’m not sure it’s going to live up to my expectations. But, I’m only half way through, so there’s still time.
Prediction: 3 stars.

Gotta Get Theroux This: My Life and Strange Times on Television by Louis Theroux

What: Louis Theroux recounts his television career as a documentary presenter.
Where: Browsing Audible.
Why: I’m a big fan of Louis Theroux’s documentaries and I’d like to see what he thinks of some of the more controversial topics he’s looked into.
Status: To buy.
Priority: High – I don’t have an audiobook on the go right now so I think this will be my next pick.
Prediction: 3 stars.

The Overstory by Richard Powers

What: A group of strangers are brought together by their experiences with trees to prevent a deforestation catastrophe.
Where: There’s been quite a buzz around this book, winning the Pulitzer Prize last year and being nominated for the Booker the year before.
Why: Honestly, it was free at work and I think the cover is pretty so I grabbed it. I probably wouldn’t have picked it up otherwise, but it may surprise me.
Status: Owned – free.
Priority: Low.
Prediction: 3 stars.

Do you have any of these on your TBR?
Or have you read any already?
Let me know below!

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