Monthly Round-Up

April’s Monthly Round-Up

I thought I’d steam through books in April because I had so much time off but turns out I struggled to find time in the first couple of weeks! I spent four lovely days in Yorkshire with my family and managed to read a little in the evenings. After that, my mum came to stay with me in London and we were super busy seeing the sights so I didn’t get my butt in gear and buckle down with my books until the second week of April, but I quickly made up for lost time!

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Tags and Challenges

The Easter Book Tag

Happy Easter! I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend however you’re spending it. We’ve had amazing weather here in London, so far I’ve spent most of this four-day weekend in the sunshine but today I think I’m going to cosy up with a book and work on my OWLs! This tag was created by Rosie the Reader, but I first saw it on Paperbacks and Planners. It looks super fun and I haven’t posted much this week so I thought I’d join in. I won’t tag anyone but drop you Easter Book Tag posts in the comments below so I can check out your answers if you do take part.

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Review: Borne by Jeff Vandermeer

In a future ravaged by biotechnology, Rachel scavenges to survive, even raking the fur of the giant bear, Mord, that wreaks havoc in her ruined city. It’s amongst Mord’s stinking pelt that she discovers Borne, a small sea-anenome-like creature that soon grows to be much more than he seems.

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