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Book Review: Animals Eat Each Other by Elle Nash

The nineteen year old protagonist of Elle Nash’s debut novel is destructive and reckless. When she’s not working at the Radio Shack, she’s snorting her mother’s prescription pills in the bedroom of their trailer or having meaningless sex with her boss. When Frankie and Matt initiate a sadistic three-way relationship with her, they christen her Lilith. Matt tries to educate her in the ways of Satanism while Lilith desperately tries to please them both, lest she lose their attention. Her feelings soon morph into obsession, but an obsession for Matt alone; an obsession that Frankie will not let stand.

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Monthly Updates

Stacking the Shelves: June

This month I’ve added a YA book – an unusual pick for me – with a fat black queer protagonist, a debut novella about sex and obsession, a thrilling sequel to one of my favourite May reads, and another debut about a feminist cult.

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