Six For Sunday: Books and Ice Cream

I recently came across the Six For Sunday blog series on AmyJaneAlice’s blog and it looked great fun! Admittedly, I rarely do every prompt for any blog series. Sometimes weeks go past without me participating (that’s a lie, I haven’t done Top 5 Wednesday or Tell Me Something Tuesday in MONTHS) but I always drop in to check out the prompts and try to fit them in if I feel like they’d be interesting to discuss! Six For Sunday, which was created by Steph @ ALittleButALot, has some great prompts coming up so I’m going to try fit them into my schedule. For my first Six For Sunday post, the prompt is ‘Ice Cream and Book Combinations’. I decided to interpret that as ‘if books were ice cream flavours’!

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Everything Else

Book News: The Book of Dust Volume 2!

You may have seen this week that the second instalment in Philip Pullman’s The Book of Dust series has had a cover reveal! Volume Two, named The Secret Commonwealth, takes place after the events of His Dark Materials and follows 20-year-old Lyra across the world as she hunts for a town haunted by daemons. The novel is set to be released on October 3rd, 2019, and the publishers have just revealed the stunning cover art, illustrated by Chris Wormell.

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Monthly Updates

May’s Monthly Round-Up

After the rush of reading as much as I could for April’s Magical Readathon, it was really nice to be a bit more leisurely with my reading, letting me really savour each read. I ended up reading some really great books, most of them ended up being four- or five-star reads. Let’s have a look at what I read!

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5 Stars Reviews

Book Review: La Belle Sauvage by Philip Pullman

La Belle Sauvage is the first book in Philip Pullman’s second trilogy to take place in the world of His Dark Materials. Pullman describes the trilogy, named The Book of Dust, as an “equel” rather than a prequel or a sequel to the events of His Dark Materials. La Belle Sauvage takes place prior to the events of the first trilogy and follows a young innkeeper’s son, Malcolm Polstead, as he tries to protect baby Lyra from the forces that seek to do her harm. This is the story of how little Lyra ended up in the care of the scholars of Jordan College.

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