Monthly Updates

July’s Monthly Round-Up

Ah, July! The weather was scorching, our house was turned upside down by workmen, and everything was kicking off at work. On top of all of that, the beginning of the month saw me really struggling to get into anything I was reading. I DNF-ed two books – TWO! – in the space of a week. I normally DNF two a year, if that. I also had my first 1-star read of the year – I would usually DNF if I think it’s going to be a just 1 star, but this one was short and I had nothing else with me to read at the time so I finished it. However, I made up for these with one of my FAVOURITE reads of 2019 in the form of The Other Half of Augusta Hope, and two more excellent 5-star reads: Ask Again, Yes and The Truants.

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