The Best ASMR Ambient Rooms for Reading

Happy Sunday everyone! Last month I shared my favourite Harry Potter inspired ambience rooms that I love to listen to whilst reading or drifting off to sleep. Today, I wanted to share some more favourites that aren’t focused on our favourite boy wizard. There are so many fantastic creators making the most amazingly detailed ambience rooms that it would be criminal just to focus on Harry Potter. Miracle Forest is one of my FAVOURITE creators on Youtube, I could do a whole post of just her videos! There’s literally every soundscape you can think of. Whenever I think what I’m looking for is too niche, I’m always proven wrong. Like, I wonder if someone has made this very specific location at this very specific point in history with this very specific set of weather conditions? Nine times out of ten, the answer is yes, someone has! And it’s eight hours long! *

* Please make sure your phone is fully charged before falling asleep to an eight-hour long ASMR video. It’s truly the worst when your battery dies so your alarm doesn’t go off and you end up being an hour late to work because you overslept. Not that it’s happened to me, because I’m a responsible adult, obviously.

Anyway, here’s a selection of my favourites!

Autumn Porch Tea Time by Miracle Forest

Sounds: wind, trees, birds, leaves rustling underfoot, footsteps on wooden floorboards, tea pouring

Vampires Reading Room by Autumn Cozy

Sounds: rain, fire crackling, footsteps, drinks pouring, writing

Spaceship Lounge/Bar by Ambience Lab

Sounds: soft piano music, incoherent chatter, occasional dialogue, footsteps, drinks being made, glasses tinkling, rumbling spaceship

Victorian Greenhouse in the Rain by Autumn Cozy

Sounds: rain, birds, rustling, gardening sounds, incoherent chatter, distant animals

Elf Village by Miracle Forest

Sounds: birds, waterfall, incoherent chatter, footsteps, rustling, woodwork

Victorian City by Ambience Lab

Sounds: wind blowing, leaves rustling, dog barking, footsteps, brief music as patrons leave a rowdy pub, church bells chiming at 9pm

What do you like to listen to when you read?

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