The End of Summer Recap Book Tag

This summer has honestly felt so long, and I’m sure I’m the only person thinking that. I’m excited for the weather to get a little chillier and for autumn to properly arrive, but before that happens I thought I’d take a look back over my summer reading with the End of Summer Recap Book Tag! I saw this on Kristen Kraves Books and on Scorpio Book Dreams, so go check out their summer reads too!

I used the ~official~ summer dates of June 21st to September 23rd, and chose books I finished between those dates. Here are the questions!

What book can you not stop thinking about?
The Other Half of Augusta Hope. Honestly, ugh, I love that book so much. I get emotional thinking about it. What an absolute gem.

Which book would you rather not have read?
I had a couple of disappointing books, but I’m going with Straight for this one, just because the others were such short reads that it wasn’t much time wasted. Straight seemed to take me forever to get through though and it left me pretty disappointed.

What genre did you read the most?
It’s close, but if you lump them all together under one genre, I read quite a few fantasy/science fiction/speculative fiction books this summer.

Which book surprised you the most?
Text Me When You Get Home, my first book of the summer. It wasn’t at all what I expected it to be, but I ended up absolutely loving it. It’s such a beautiful tribute to female friendship that really made me reflect on my own relationships and I think it’s really had a long-term effect on how I both value and cultivate those relationships. 

Which book disappointed you the most?
Probably The Universe of Us. I’d heard amazing things about Lang Leav’s poetry but honestly this was so boring.

What was your favourite cover?
I really like the cover of Ask Again, Yes. I love the blue/green tones and the way the letters kind of nestle in between houses.

What was your favourite summer release?
I’m going to say The Truants, though it’s a close tie with The Other Half of Augusta Hope. I’d been waiting for The Truants since last year though, so I was really excited to read it and so pleased that it lived up to my expectations.

What books did you plan on reading, but never got around to?
Quite a few in the last month of summer. I fell into a bit of a slump in September. One that I keep putting on my monthly TBRs and somehow never getting around to is The Pisces.

Which books do you plan on reading this fall?
I can’t wait to read The Secret Commonwealth. I’m also really excited to read The Roommates, as this was another one I’ve been waiting for since last year. I’m planning to read e e cummings Selected Poems next month, as it opens with a beautiful poem about November that is one of my all time favourites.

If you want to look back over your summer reads too, consider yourself tagged!

What was your favourite read of the summer?

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