The Quarantine Book Tag

Quarantine sucks, and although I’ve managed to read a lot, I have no motivation to write reviews, so here’s a book tag.

I came across this on ForBooksSake, and the tag was created by Words About Word. Please link back to them if you decide to do it too!

1. Favourite reading spot at home?

When we were having sunshine, it was in my garden on our new homemade seating area (a stack of old pallets topped with a foam layer, lovingly covered with fabric sown by my crafty housemate). But now the weather has turned, it’s on my bed, which I don’t mind too much because I just got new pillows and ooooh they’re are comfy!

2. An unread book in your physical TBR?

The next one I’m planning to read is Donna Tartt’s The Little Friend. I’m excited to read it as I’ve read and loved her other two novel.s

3. A book you’ve actually read from your physical TBR pile?

I finished The Fire This Time recently, which is the only Jesmyn Ward book I hadn’t read (though technically she edits the collection, it’s not one of her fiction works).

4. Next book release you’re hyped for?

Blue Ticket by Sophie Mackintosh, definitely! I can’t wait for this one.

5. Favourite bookish world to escape to?

Obviously Harry Potter. I haven’t re-read any of the books during quarantine but I’ve seen a lot of other people doing so. I am in a very HP mood recently though; I’m watching the films with my friends over video chat and even re-downloaded the Hogwarts Mystery game!

6. A bookish world you would NOT want to visit?

My first thought was the underground world in Neverwhere. I’m not sure if that’s the worst but it was the first that came to mind!

7. Favourite author to follow on Twitter?

I’ve been staying off Twitter recently because it feels like a lot of noise, but I did a Six For Sunday post on this topic recently!

8. A bookish craft you’d like to try?

I had no idea what to put for this so I Googled ‘bookish crafts’ and found this post, and I love the idea of painting bricks to look like books! We have a pile of bricks in our garden from when we had a new window added to the house and I’d love to paint them and create a little outdoor ‘brickshelf’!

9. Something you’d like to practice/get better at?

Reading tarot cards. I keep meaning to get into a better routine with it and try and learn the cards but …. I don’t know what the ‘but’ is for, I have no excuse.

10. How many times has your reading been interrupted by a family member/living mate?

Not a lot, to be honest! Generally our unspoken house rule is if the bedroom door is shut, only disturb if it can’t wait. We usually just text each other anyway because we’re lazy.

11. Have you bought a book since you’ve been in quarantine? Which & from where? [No? Well, there’s still time…]

I bought a few when we first went into lockdown, not because I needed them but, you know, #selfcare. They were Bel Canto by Ann Patchett, Black Chalk by Christopher J. Yates, We Danced All Night: A Social History of Britain Between the Wars by Martin Pugh, A Spell of Winter by Helen Dunmore, and English Animals by Laura Kaye.

12. What TV shows/movies have you binged watched?

I’ve watched a lot! I finished Reign, finally – season one to three were a rewatch but I’ve never watched season four. I watched season two of YOU, season three of On My Block, and also The Nest. I’ve been watching Killing Eve each week too, and I’ve started watching The Pharmacist. As for films, so far I’ve watched Aladdin, A Quiet Place (rewatch), Phantom Thread, Booksmart, Thoroughbreds, Horse Girl, Red Joan, To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, and finally, The Irishman.

13. What other media are you consuming?

I’ve been playing a lot of Sims 4 – I even had what me and my friends call a ‘Sims Party’. We used to do it when we lived together at uni, where we’d just get a bunch of snacks and get cosy with blankets in our cold conservatory and all play the Sims together, occasionally shouting things like ‘Ahhh my twins, they’re on fire!’ and ‘No, WASH THE PLATE, YOU IDIOT.’ Now we play though video calls. As I mentioned early, I’ve also been playing the Hogwarts Mystery game again. And Tetris, for some reason. I’ve got into Tetris.

14. Favourite song to wash your hands to?

I don’t know, I haven’t been washing my hands to any particular song, but if you’re after a tune I’ve been listening to a lot recently, that’d be Zella Day’s cover of You Sexy Thing.

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