Top 5 Wednesday: Authors I’m Waiting On

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly blog series hosted on Goodreads by Sam @ ThoughtsOnTomes. The series is currently on hiatus so no new prompts are being produced, but it’s a perfect opportunity to work through some old prompts I missed, or come up with some ones of my own!

This week I’m willing my favourite authors to release new books! Whether it’s a new standalone novel or the next in the series, here are five authors I can’t wait for new books from!

Jesmyn Ward

I’ve read everything Jesmyn Ward has written and I need more! I love her writing so much and Salvage the Bones is one of my favourite books ever.

Philip Pullman

So I’m a little behind with Pullman’s Book of Dust series anyway; I want to re-read book two and three of His Dark Materials before cracking open The Secret Commonwealth, but I know as soon as I finish it I’ll be desperate for the third installment!

Sophie Mackintosh

I cannot wait for Blue Ticket to come out in May! Super jealous of everyone reading ARCs right now.

Will Dean

Again, I haven’t actually read the latest in this author’s series, the Tuva Moodyson books – I’ve only read Dark Pines and Red Snow. Black River has just come out and although I didn’t love Red Snow, I have high hopes for Black River because of it’s focus on Tuva and Tammy’s friendship.

George R R Martin

I think this goes without saying. GIVE ME WINDS OF WINTER! Here’s some fresh speculation that’s given me hope for a publication soon, but will likely end up leaving me disappointed.

Who are you waiting on books from?

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