Top 5 Wednesday: Best Fictional Careers

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly blog series hosted on Goodreads by Sam @ ThoughtsOnTomes. The series is currently on hiatus so no new prompts are being produced, but it’s a perfect opportunity to work through some old prompts I missed, or come up with some ones of my own!

This week I’m fantasising about all the different careers I could have if I lived inside some of my favourite books! Here are my favourite fictional careers.


As someone who loves tarot cards, the idea of spending a lifetime learning, reading, and interpreting symbols on a truth-telling device sounds like a dream! If I lived in the world of His Dark Materials, this would definitely be career goals. The exclusivity of it all is also so appealing, though it does add an element of danger that I’m not quite sure I’d like.


Thank you to this post for leading me to learn that the person that works in an apothecary is also called an apothecary – I had no idea! I think if I lived in a fantasy world like in Harry Potter I’d love to work with ingredients and potions. Sitting in a dusty old shop surrounded by herbs and tinkling glass bottles down a narrow walkway off Diagon Alley is my ideal aesthetic.


I’ve only just started The Priory of the Orange Tree, but being a scholar on Feather Island sounds perfect for me. If you read my post about working in publishing, you’ll know I love learning and academia. Besides, who wants to risk life and limb riding dragons when you can pore over books all day?

Time traveller

I loved The Psychology of Time Travel, and I liked the idea of a force of time travellers, almost like the police, who have assignments and tasks to carry out across the ages. It sounds so exciting!

Book binder

Whilst I haven’t read The Binding yet, my inner publishing nerd is fascinated by book binding in the normal world, so I can’t imagine how interesting magical book binding would be! How amazing to trap memories inside books to keep them safe (or hidden) forever!

What fictional career would you love to have?

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