Top 5 Wednesday: Most Anticipated 2019 Releases

Having spent the past four years as an English Lit student, most of my reading was pretty rigid – I usually had three or four books to read a week, which didn’t leave much room for reading what I wanted to read, and definitely no time to keep up with newest releases. I’ve been playing catch-up a bit since I finished university five months ago (yikes!) and I’ve actually been able to pay attention to new releases a bit more, so here’s some books I’m really excited for!

The Binding by Bridget Collins [Released January 10th] Pre-order here.

The Binding follows Emmett Farmer, who is summoned to begin working as an apprentice Bookbinder, but in Emmett’s world bookbinders don’t keep stories in their books; they capture memories. The books store grief, pain, and secrets, so that we don’t have to remember them. Then Emmett discovers something that will change his path forever: a book with his name on. The Binding sounds absolutely magical and I think any bookworm would say that the premise is completely intriguing. Plus, the cover looks beautiful! I can’t wait to read it!

The Truants by Kate Weinberg [Released March 7th]  Pre-order here.

When Jess Walker arrives for her first year at university, she can’t believe she’s lucky enough to get a seat in the class of the esteemed Dr Lorna Clay. Jess is even more surprised when Lorna returns her interest. Meanwhile, Jess befriends wildcard Georgie and her exiled journalist boyfriend, Alex. As her relationships become obsessions and she leaves her dreary university campus for an island in the Med, Jess discovers betrayals, disappearances and loss. But with a dead body thrown into the mix, she also must discover the truth. This has been likened to The Secret History I have high hopes for it!

The Farm by Joanne Ramos [Released May 7th]  Pre-order here.

A young immigrant named Jane is offered a chance to become a Host at the exclusive and luxury fertility felicity of Golden Oaks. In exchange for a huge pay-out, Jane leaves her infant daughter to become a surrogate at Golden Oaks under the eye of Mae Yu. She lives a life of luxury as she grows a new life for the super-rich, but to receive her life-changing payment she has to play by the rules. I think this is a super interesting take on the topic of motherhood and reproductivity and I’m really looking forward to it. 

The Roommates by Rachel Sargeant [Expected October 31st] 

Another dark academia pick. I don’t know a huge amount about this one because it was only just announced but here’s a little summary from The Bookseller: ‘the novel follows four girls who share a flat in their first week of university. When one of them goes missing, the excitement of student life is tainted by fear and they realise just how little they really know about their new roommates.’ I love books that make you terrified to sleep in your own house because of who may you live next to, or even with. It’s my number one favourite thriller trope and I’m HERE. FOR IT. Put that in an academic setting? SIGN. ME. UUUUP! I cannot wait for this.

For number five I’m going to actually pick two books that I hope come out next year! I’m willing them into existence! Firstly, The Winds of Winter (A Song of Ice and Fire #6). Is it likely to come out in 2019? No.  Does that make me hope for it any less? Nope. Though honestly, at this point I feel like I’d need an entire series re-read to remember what’s going on and I really don’t have time for that… Can we get a ‘previously on…’ at the start? Second pick is an as-of-yet non-existent Jesmyn Ward fiction book. Her last one came out in 2017 and I’m such a huge fan of her writing. I’d love to read something new by her soon.

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