Top 5 Wednesday: Non-Fiction Book Gifts

I always give books as gifts, to almost everyone. What can I say, I’m a very predictable gift giver, but I’m also pretty good at getting it right, and I find that non-fiction is usually a safe bet for people whose reading tastes you don’t know super well. So, here’s some non-fiction book gifts that I would buy (and have bought) for people!

Girl Squads by Sam Maggs

I’ve personally bought this for one of my closest friends this year, because what better gift is there to get your fave feminist friend than a book featuring a bunch of awesome women achieving awesome things, together.

Be More Pirate by Sam Conniff Allende

Another one that I myself have bought as a gift this year! Be More Pirate looks at historical pirates and their societies and considers how we can apply these ideas to modern day life in order to become more successful, definitely breaking a couple rules in the process. I saw Sam Conniff Allende talk about this book at a publishing conference, explaining how he actually took his own book’s advice and completely broke all the publishing rules (much to the exasperation of his publishers at some points, I’m sure). I was super impressed, and it’s a perfect gift to encourage your slightly rebellious friends to channel that rebellion. 

HelloFresh Recipes That Work by Patrick Drake (my review here!) 

Whilst I love a simple cookbook that makes it super easy for me to bang out a stellar dish in under 20 minutes, HelloFresh’s slightly more elaborate recipes are perfect for when you really want to get your hands dirty in the kitchen. That’s not to say these recipes are long or complex, but they all have a little something special that elevates them from your everyday dinner. It’s a perfect gift for your friend that loves to cook, and if you’re feeling extra generous, you could even get them a HelloFresh meal kit to go with the book! (I promise this post is not sponsored by HelloFresh, I just really love them, honest.)

Atlas Obscura by Joshua Foer, Dylan Thuras, and Ella Morton 

Whenever I make travel plans, one of the first things I do is check out Atlas Obscura’s website for any weird and wonderful must-see sites. From bone museums in Italy to glowworm caves in New Zealand, this book collects over 700 bizarre places together in a handy book form that’s sure to inspire new adventures in even your most well-travelled of friends.

Dear Fahrenheit 451 by Annie Spence (my review here!)

Is there a better present to gift your book-loving friend than a book about books by a book-loving librarian? Annie Spence writes notes and letters to all sorts of books, from obscure never-left-the-library-shelf novels to her bestselling favourites. The book is full of laugh-out-loud wit, not to mention dozens of recommendations to fill up your bookworm pal’s TBR pile even more (disclaimer: they may or may not be happy about this aspect…)

Have you bought any non-fiction book gifts for this holiday season? Let me know!

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